Saturday, September 11, 2010

Urgent Notification

Dear Friends
Now i was so busy and till September. I will correct my blog in the first weeek of November. I was so sorry for that.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Biodiversity Year 2010 ? Urgent action needed…

No one can deny the global climate change has wiping out our precious biodiversity in an alarming rate. In recent years, several alternative models for international environmental justice and governance have been suggested. One possible reform at the national level would be quite fruitful for developing countries to set up a single body to deal with their obligations under all international environmental agreements.

The COP-15 at Denmark was felt overambitious and blank with regards to the implementation so hope the COP-16 which is aimed to organize in 2010 at Mexico will perform the action that COP-15 had failed towards the environmental justice and equitable society. And for instance, countries that are drawing up plans to deal with climate-induced disasters could identify not just vulnerable human settlements, but also the local ecosystems on which they depend to conserve the biodiversity. An important element of this highly integrated approach is that it would protect ecosystems not just as economic mainstays of local peoples, but also as a heaven of Biodiversity.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rice Transplanting Season starts in Nepal

Rice crop is the major food crop of Nepal. The rice production in Nepal is expected to decrease by around nine percent this year due to drought during the period of plantation, local Nepal Samacharpatra daily reported here on Monday.
The paddy production will decrease by 8.9 percent as per the field survey carried out by officials at the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative (MoAC) and World Food Organization ( WFO), the vernacular newspaper reported quoting MoAC sources.It is mainly due to the water stress in the rice growing period. A genetic research is thus necessary to uplift the rice production to achieve the food sovereignty in Nepal.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hybrid maize sterility in Bara Nepal

This year the poor farmers of Bara district of Nepal when gambled with the hybrid maize as the magic bullet for the bumber yield had cheated. They were become more poorer and the food security of the whole nation is under a threat.
There are different analysis revealed by the agricultural scientists in nepal that it may due to
a. segregation of the hybrid ; meiotic irregularities (L.P. Subedi, Professor, IAAS, Nepal)
b. low temperature during silking as a result of climate change
c. and so on
I am here by only aim to give some ideas for those persons who would like to know about the tragic case in Nepal.